What is available

It is not uncommon for the public to have easy access to your full name, age, current & historical addresses, all available phone numbers, property information, names of relatives, neighbors and associates, employment history, bankruptcies, criminal and traffic records, and more. Information will vary by site and service and while some sites may offer information for free, others may charge for access to your information.

If you want to limit what information is available about you online, requesting to remove your info from the many people search sites is a good start. You can view a list of people search sites and instructions on how to request the removal of your information here.

In most cases, the people search sites collect information which is publicly available from local, sate and federal resources.  Other sources of information may include contest entries that asked for name, address and or phone number, subscription services to magazines, newspapers and products, and any other way to gather personal information which can be compiled and sold in bulk.

Removing your personal information from the internet is only half the battle. You should try t be cautious about who you provide your information without knowing what they are doing with that information.


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