How to remove your info from CheckPeople

checkpeople_20160902About CheckPeople:

CheckPeople is a people search engine that allows you to conduct a people search, reverse phone number search or a background search. The service obtains data from federal, county and state records along with possibly other sources.

Overview of the information removal process:

Requesting to remove your info from CheckPeople can be done with an easy online form or by sending them the information in the mail. You do not need to find your record in the CheckPeople system to request a removal, you just need to supply accurate information so they can find and remove you.

How to remove your information:

Follow these steps to remove your info from CheckPeople:

  1. Visit the Opt Out form on the CheckPeople site here
  2. Fill in your first and last name, your date of birth, a valid email address, address and a relative’s name, along with message in the notes section explaining why you are opting out.
  3. Submit the form

You can also request to have your info removed by sending a letter containing your first and last name, date of birth, email address, address, city, state, zip code and the first and last name of a relative that may be in their system along with a mention of why you are opting out. Mail the information to:

CheckPeople LLC
530 Lytton Ave. – Second Floor
Palo Alto CA, 94301

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have to pay to remove your information?


How long does it take for the information to be removed?

Removal takes up to 10 days

Will your information reappear after requesting to remove it?

As with many of the other services, CheckPeople relies on public record and criminal record databases, county and state court records and proprietary data sets to obtain the data they show in their system.  If your personal information is connected to other spellings of your name, new phone numbers, new addresses, etc.., it may reappear in their system.  To be sure that your information does not reappear in their system, you should check the site occasionally and complete the process to remove your info as needed.

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