How to remove your info from BeenVerified

beenverified_20160902About BeenVerified:

BeeenVerified provides information about address history, relatives, associates, social media accounts, education, property information, criminal and traffic records, bankruptcies, judgments & liens and other information.

Overview of the information removal process:

BeenVerified does not require you to register for their website in order to remove your personal information.  To limit abuse of the removal process, they only allow you to remove one record for yourself via their online form. If you find multiple records with your information in their system, you must email them at [email protected] in order to remove the additional records.

How to remove your information:

Follow these steps to remove your info from BeenVerified:

  1. Search for your information by entering your first name, last name and state in the Opt-Out search form located at
  2. Once you have found the record containing your information, click the “That’s Me” button.
  3. Enter your email address in the form to have an email sent to you asking you to verify that you would like your information removed.
  4. Click the verification link in the email.
  5. You are done and your information should be removed from their system in about 24 hours.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have to pay to remove your information?


How long does it take for the information to be removed?

About 24 hours

Will your information reappear after requesting to remove it?

As with many of the other services, BeenVerified relies on public record and criminal record databases, county and state court records and proprietary data sets to obtain the data they show in their system.  If your personal information is connected to other spellings of your name, new phone numbers, new addresses, etc.., it may reappear in their system.  To be sure that your information does not reappear in their system, you should check the site occasionally and complete the process to remove your info as needed.


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