Going on vacation? Don’t advertise it on social media.

Everyone loves the idea of a vacation.  Some like it so much that they jump at the idea of sharing the information about their upcoming vacation on social media so their family and friends know they are going.  What they fail to realize is that they have just told the internet they will be away from their home during a specific time and this means that anyone reading the information will know they have plenty of time to get into their home and take what they want while the occupants are gone on vacation.

You may be one of those people that will share something on social media like:

“So excited.  Just got our tickets to Disney! Leaving the 23rd of next month and we will be there a week!  I can’t wait”.  

While you have yet to post your home address on social media, it is not hard for someone to find out.  Running your name along with city and or state through a people search site will give anyone any information they need about you to find out where you live.  So, in reality, you just shared with the world something similar to:

“So excited.  Just got our tickets to Disney which means we probably have expendable income because we can afford a vacation and we probably have nice stuff in our home.  We are leaving the 23rd of next month and we will be there all week and away from our home at 123 Main Street, Anytown, USA.  You can actually call our home using the landline phone number listed in our people search record to see if we answer.  I can’t wait for someone to possibly break into our home and spend a week taking what they want from us!”

It is not just letting people know that you are going on vacation that puts you at risk.  Simple information such as where you work can allow someone to call that business, ask to speak with you and if they say “hold on and we will transfer the call”, there is a really good chance you are away at work and not at home.  That means they can possibly get into your home, take what they want, then leave knowing you are still away at work.

Does your profile say “single”?  You are basically letting someone know there is a good chance you will be home alone or that if you are at work, nobody will be left in your home.

You may be asking yourself how you can limit the personal information that people with ill intent will have access to.  The quickest, easiest and most cost-effective way for someone to do a little research on you and have access to your personal information is through people search sites.  These sites will tell someone your age, current and past addresses, current and past phone numbers, names of neighbors, relatives and associates, criminal and traffic record information, possibly your average household income, and more. Removing your info from these people search sites is a good first step.

Start removing your info here

Most people search sites provide an easy way for you to remove your personal information due to privacy concerns, but there are a bunch of people search sites out there and you have to request removal from each one individually.  Requesting to remove your info will take time, but it may help to protect you and your property in the long run.  Unfortunately, it seems like there are always new people search sites popping up and the new ones seem to advertise better, more in-depth and more accurate information, so it is a game of cat and mouse.  You will need to check back and see if there are any new sites that are sharing your information and request to remove that information.

God luck and if you are going on a vacation, don’t advertise it to the world through the internet.  Do what many people do and just share photos and stories of your vacation when you have returned.  Remember, you don’t really know who is reading the information you share online.  Be smart about what you share and be smart about allowing your personal information to be as freely available as it already is.

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