27 People search sites and how to remove your personal info from them

Have you ever searched for yourself in one of the many people search sites on the internet?  They have information about your current and past addresses, phone numbers, names of relatives, neighbors, and associates.  They offer information about traffic tickets you may have received, bankruptcies, property purchases, average household incomes, social networking accounts, email addresses you have used and much more.  Some offer the information for free and some offer the information for a fee.

The information shown in the records on these sites are obtained from the federal, state, county and municipal databases, along with other databases of information which are bought and sold on the internet.  These people search sites contain a wealth of information on you and if you don’t want your personal information being so freely available, you can request to have it removed on most of the people search sites.

We have compiled a growing list of 27 people search sites that are commonly used and offer a way to request to either remove, suppress or edit your information.  These people search sites are not required by law to give someone a means to request to remove their information from the site, but we have found that the more respectable people search sites offer this option.

Start removing your info here

Requesting to remove your information is going to take a little work because you have to request the removal from each people search site individually, but taking a few minutes each day and going down our list of people search sites s a good start to help begin policing what is available about you online.

If you know of a people search site that is not listed, please contact us and tell us about it so we can add it to the list.

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