20+ sites that share your personal information and how to get it removed

What if I were to tell you that with only your name and an estimate of your age plus an idea of what state you live in, I could find out your address, phone numbers, real age, information about property you may have purchased, bankruptcy information, a list of traffic tickets you received, names of neighbors and family, and a list of social networking sites that you use and maybe even your average household income. Would you be surprised?  What if you did not want to be found so easily or were in a job where someone knowing that information could put you or your family at risk?

Start removing your info here

Some may say no, they are not surprised, but I think it is safe to say that most would say yes.  There are many websites out there that offer services, some paid, some free, that allow you to enter a first and last name and choose a state to see a list of people in that state that have the same or similar names.  Clicking a simple link associated with a name can open the door to a lot of publicly available info compiled into a nicely designed report that tells someone pretty much everything they ever wanted to know about you, and it is most of the same stuff that you consciously do not share on the internet because it is too personal.

Don’t believe me?  Click this link and select a service and try it out for yourself.  Worried what you may see about yourself?  Type in the name of a friend or family member and see what information is offered about them.  Are you still surprised?

Your personal information is highly sought after.  Not only by websites that offer people search service, but also marketers.  Places you shop at, clubs and organizations you belong to, areas where you live, your employment history, driving history, and a lot more can be used to paint a picture about you.  It gives people a chance to get to know you without even knowing you and can be used for marketing purposes, to help reconnect with long lost friends and unfortunately, for nefarious purposes.

A lot of the data shown on people search sites is publicly available data from federal, state and local sources.  Marriage certificates, court records, and other information is compiled by companies, connecting the dots with others listed in the information to help formulate a list of possible family, associates and neighbors.  It is not really hard to determine who your neighbors may be.  A simple look at your address and then looking at who lives in the houses beside you will give them that information, but what if someone wanted to get in touch with you and you were avoiding them.  What if someone wanted to learn what type of vehicle you drove or when you left the house for the day.  A simple call  to a neighbor listed in your record who also has their address and phone number listed may do the trick.

While requesting to remove your personal information from people search sites is like using a wad of bubblegum to patch a hole in a dam, it is better than doing nothing.  Your information will still be shared unless you work to stop the information sharing at the source, but again, doing something is better than nothing.

Look at the list of people search sites here.  Choose a service and follow the instructions to request to remove your personal information. Just keep in mind that the people search sites are not required by law to remove your info, so by them giving you an option do to do they are going above and beyond what they are required to do as a business.  Just know that your name and info is always being shared at many different levels and any change to the spelling of your name, address, new property purchases, or even a new phone number, may cause your information to be put back into the people search sites.  Requesting to remove your personal info is somewhat time consuming and something that you will have to keep on top of in the future. Check those people search sites in a few months and see if your information has reappeared and if so, follow the instructions we provide to request to remove your info again.

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