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site_list_exampleDid you know that there are websites out there that offer services such as allowing people to search for someone by name, phone number, address and more, returning detailed results from public record databases across the internet?

The results about a person they are searching for may include present and past addresses, phone numbers, social networking account information, property information, criminal information, names and contact information for possible relatives and much more.  Some websites even charge a fee for people to search for and get information about you.

While there is not much you can do about having your name included in the many public record and criminal record databases, county and state court records and proprietary data sets that these services may obtain their information from. many of the legitimate people search style websites will offer a way for you to remove your information from their listings.

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Removing yourself is not a cure-all to keeping your personal information out of the public eye because they check the databases often to update the information about you and many others that they offer through the services on their website.  With that said, once you request to remove your information from their website, you will have to go back and request the removal again in the future.

We have started this basic website as a way to provide links to the pages of many of the online people search type websites that offer a way for you to remove your info.  Please don’t get us wrong, there is a place for websites that offer a way for people to search for information about others, but some of you may not want your information included in their databases.


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